006_indx.jpgURBANtells is a collective of media artists whose work focuses on the intricacies between the architecture, cityscape and the human and cultural geography found within any city.   URBANtells’ art practice involves the use of various forms of low and high technology to engage the residents, transients and lost inhabitants of the city.

The underlying concern of the collective is to use the various forms of technology in ways that foster, collect and redistribute urban culture in or as close to real time, to classify experiences, and to encode and communicate them symbolically through wireless transmitted linear and non-linear narratives.  This might take the form of prerecorded and live sonic impressions that are non-narratives such as the sounds from dinner, the streets, and/or community events. Our collective explores forms and modalities for enhancing connections among community residents via affordable technology, research, and learning.  We loosely define the community- inter-communities as an amalgamation of living things that share the urban environment.

Copyright text and image by URBANtells

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