Giselle Beiguelman

I spend so much time in the traffic and thinking of traffic scenarios that when I think about my fast/slow scapes series, they (the movies I produce) seem unavoidable to me.

Always recorded from inside a vehicle (cars, taxis, boats, trains and buses), in movement, with different cell phone models, they are a set of unusual frames and points of view, particular to the ongoing nomadic status, that seems enclosed, as if they were “stills on the move”, disconnected and artificially realigned (although they are not).

A diary of images shot in São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Berlin, New York and in Greece it records some of my mediatic and nomadic experiences in mobile spaces scrutinized by the third cyborg eye of the mobile camera.

Giselle Beiguelman

October, 2006

Text and images are captured from desvirtual. Check their site for downloads and more.

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