Sign of the times?

At the ‘Art in mobile’-show in Art Gallery Galerie de Meerse the project 15×15 is presented. A homage to Andy Warhol, a realization of the artistic utilization of new media technology and democratization of art in the age of digital production. The project is developed by Richard Vickers, Oliver Dore, Greg Brant, the Hull School of Art & Design and the University of Lincoln.

You can become famous using your standard mobile camera phone and send video clips using MMS to +44 (0)79 68 57 30 84. Your clip will be shown for 15 seconds randomly on a screen together with 14 other clips (hence the name 15×15).

At the moment, Dallas Contemporary exhibits a project called realtime:08. And guess what? This show asks the question; ‘what kind of art do you make in 15 seconds on a mobile phone?’ The show is curated by Dean Terry and John Pomara. The artists participating are:

* Inter.sect art collective
* Kirsten Macy
* Doreen Maloney
* Marjorie & Ludwig Schwarz
* Leslie Sharpe
* Bart Weiss

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