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Henry Reichhold

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

bbc-n93.jpgPhonecam photos aspire to art - where technology meets life, every Monday
By Mark Ward - BBC News Online technology correspondent

You may be proud of the photos that you have snapped with your funky camera phone, but it is a fair bet that Henry Reichhold has you beat. The London-based photo-digital artist is using Nokia 7600 and 7610 camera phones to create huge panoramic images of events and places.

Using the phones to snap a series of images and then stitching them together with software, he’s produced stunning landscapes of London seen during both day and night.

He’s also done large-scale images of a bingo hall, cinema goers at the Imax in London and a series of nightclubs.

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Staying in touch: Henry Reichhold

Friday, March 28th, 2008

August 2007 | Keith Shipton - Photoreview
In May 2007 mobile phone photographer Henry Reichhold visited Sydney as part of his ‘Connected Worlds’ project. As Reichhold describes it, ‘The “Connected Worlds” project aims to create two exhibitions; one “realworld”, and one virtual. The dual nature of this approach will reflect the way in which images are being shared across the world. The two exhibitions will open simultaneously at the Royal Albert Hall and on Nokia’s Secondlife Island on October 24, 2007.’

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Olaf Mooij and Henry Reichhold

Henry Reichhold


Henry Reichhold made the award winning film ‘freerun‘ with a Nokia N90.