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TXTual Healing

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

fsj0xu472nepd7qwc6medium.jpgTXTual Healing is a series of interactive projects that encourage public participation through text messaging from mobile phones. It looks at the cell phone as a device not just to remove oneself from a physical space, but to interact with and explore it. Build community through public story telling. Read more at their website.

M5 Project

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

42_f2t02.jpgIn January 2003, Forrester Consultants, calculated that about 25 billion SMS messages were sent around the world in 2002. New technologies impose their language. Now, a flood of letters and signs, a hieroglyphic argot at the middle of the road between telegram and stenography dominates the virtual world. The “ :`-( “ (“I am crying and I am sad” ), “atb” (“All the best”), “cu @” (“see you around”), “thx” (“Thanks”) arrive with power. F2T, a creation by artists Thomas Charveriat (France) and Frank Plant (United States), combines sculpture, robotics, hip hop, and SMS messaging to explore the ways technology shapes the development of language, particularly new forms of slang. (more…)

160 gedicht

Friday, February 15th, 2008

160gedicht.jpgSofie Cerutti bedacht het 160 gedicht. 160 is het maximaal aantal tekens van een sms. Elke dag verschijnt zo’n gedicht in NRC Next. Soms van bekende dichters, maar meestal van lezers. Check het hier.