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Sleepy Urbanite

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008

Sleepy Urbanite is a project of Yvonne Doll. She explains: “ is the freaky, love-child of my frustration with slogging away in day job land and my unwavering compulsion to make art. This is a holding place for thoughts and images that I collect from the people, places and things I encounter on my daily journey in sweet home urban-opolis, Chicago, Il.”

Besides being an artist, Yvonne Doll is also the lead singer of ‘The Locals‘.

Staying in touch: Henry Reichhold

Friday, March 28th, 2008

August 2007 | Keith Shipton - Photoreview
In May 2007 mobile phone photographer Henry Reichhold visited Sydney as part of his ‘Connected Worlds’ project. As Reichhold describes it, ‘The “Connected Worlds” project aims to create two exhibitions; one “realworld”, and one virtual. The dual nature of this approach will reflect the way in which images are being shared across the world. The two exhibitions will open simultaneously at the Royal Albert Hall and on Nokia’s Secondlife Island on October 24, 2007.’

Read more on the photoreview site.